We facilitate foreign trade operations.

Through exports, imports and intermediation services.

About us?

Intercomex marketer is a Collective Interest Company (BIC). We have developed a business model that allows us to improve the quality of life of primary producers and their production environment. We not only seek to produce profits and provide economic growth; but as a BIC Society, we also seek to contribute to the solution of social problems, supporting the initiatives of the Indigenous population, mothers who are heads of households, people with disabilities or victims of conflict.

Since our beginnings in 2017, we have stood out for promoting the export of Colombian products made by MSMEs, managing to bring the best of Colombia to the 5 continents. We currently have our headquarters in Palmira - Valle del Cauca and offices in Bogotá and Bucaramanga. Our work group is made up of qualified professionals. We have strategic alliances with logistics operators that allow us to provide an efficient, fast and timely service. We comply with the applicable regulations for each product.


We generate value through the commercialization of high quality products, and the support in the internationalization of MSMEs, contributing to the development and business growth of the region, with a qualified and committed human team.


By 2025, to be recognized nationally and in Latin America as a strategic ally for the supply of products and services, standing out for the innovation in our processes and adding value to our employees, customers and suppliers.

Our values

  • Honesty and transparency in all operations with our customers and suppliers.

  • Social Responsibility, we are committed to improving the quality of life of employees, customers, suppliers.

  • We guarantee the quality of products and services by making traceability of all processes.

  • Orientation and customer service as a permanent attitude to satisfy the needs and priorities of allies.

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